Thursday, November 30, 2006

Using the model for layouts

So I want to do a panel with Brett watching TV and Patrice in the background asking him if he wants some coffee. I zoom around with the model until I find the angle I want.

And then I can sketch the scene!

I think this could really help me think about layouts. Of course I still need to setup the perspective with vanishing points etc. for finished drawings but all the fretting about where they need to go is lessened. Kinda fun too.

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Anonymous said...

Ok - finally re-registered so I could post. Yeah, we you the full version of sketchup pretty frequently at our office as a quick modeling tool. I've personally never used it, but hear that it is not too complicated. i have a guy on my team model/block rooms all the time to create a wire frame perspective and overlay with trace paper to "flesh out" the space. Not sure what the Google version allows you to do, but in the full version, there are tons of blocks that you can download to use in your scenes (vehicles, people, etc).