Sunday, December 21, 2008


Got an idea for a story and wrote the whole thing while I was watching my kids this morning. It's a short story about a vet. This is kind of notable for me since I've never had the experience of a complete story just coming to me out of thin air. I'm glad I had the chance to write down as it came to me so I don't forget it. Maybe I can turn it into something. Also notable since it's the first story that's ever come to me that I don't think is lame the split second after I think of it! Cheers.

Page 11 done

Page 11 is inked and sent off to LOSW HQ a couple days ago. It's an ok page. Panel 3 is a bit goofy - (I think Nate's head is a bit too wide) and there are some other issues but overall I am happy with it. I used a brush for the whole thing and got some of the best results I have ever got out of that tool. It takes a lot of concentration for me not to rush when be deliberate. I need to imagine the line then try and make the line instead of just slapping it down and hoping a nice line happens. Anyway, I'll never be a great inker but I think I am improving so that's positive.