Friday, August 28, 2009

page 5 pencils

Kevin sent me the script this morning and we are off! Pretty good for one nights work I must say. Not quite finished...but reasonably close to pencilling this whole thing in one night. started at around 8:30 while my kids were watching a movie. read them a chapter of Harry Potter and came back to draw. About 3.5 hours.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monster Fights at SPX

Big day. Talked to Kev about trying to finish this chapter in time for SPX at the end of September. He is talking about sharing a table with Charles Soule! Coolness. Anyway that all means I would need to ink and color these 4 pages and do the full monte on 4 more *ahem* yet to be written pages. all in under 4 weeks. Scary thought for me considering my normal page rate is a page per week for pencils, a couple days to ink and another week to color! Well nothing like a challenge I guess. It's a good opportunity to push myself and see where it takes me. I should be updating this with new art a lot more regularly as I attempt the tiny but close to impossible (for me) task of finishing this chapter in 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

Anyway..progress made: I finished the pencils on page 4 and am pretty durn happy with the results. Take a look.