Tuesday, July 21, 2009

monster fights ch 2

Still scanning in some work I've done the past coupe weeks. Here is the first page of "monster fights" chapter 2. Kevin is still finishing the script but it looks like this chapter is all action. and should be tons of fun to draw. Here are the initial pencils for page 1.

Monday, July 20, 2009

scanner works again

Ugh. finally got my pc to recognize my scanner after three weeks. Computer trouble really sucks. I was crashing every month or two so I decided to give windows 7 a try to see if it would be more stable for me. nope. some cool features but it wouldn't let me install photoshop CS4 and then my old scanner just totally stopped working. so I spent another week putting XP back on. gak. Now I got everything up and running. it's been so long dealing with this it seems like i've been walking around with a rock in my shoe all this time. Anyway, finally I am back and can scan and post some work.

I'm between scripts on superwrestle and haven't done much but I do have some little things to scan and post.

Here's a self portrait of me in my cycling gear.